Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Autumn is my favourite season.  The crisp cold mornings, balmy days to spend in the garden tidying up after summer, preparing for winter, planting for spring. 

The colours of the leaves as they turn dazzling shades and then fade forming a crisp carpet just begging to be jumped on.             

 The liquid ambers provide such a wonderful display and one of which I never tire. 


The tibouchina trees that line each side of this street look like a necklace of exotic amethysts, sparkling in the sunshine.

In my garden I have cliveas which were planted a few years ago and have not  yet flowered.  Till just recently.  This was the first of the flowers and since then a large cluster has bloomed.  I hope it is the first of many.

The arum lillies have grown enormously and are higher than any I've had before.  They almost dwarf the magnolia tree they surround and soon I will have to dig and divide them, giving the magnolia more space to spread.

In saying that however, I do love them and they are blooming randomly at the moment which I find astonishing.  The may bushes have been throwing out the odd blossom as well so there must be something in the air.                                                                     

The Lilly pillies have lots of pinky, red shoots on them and I hope this spring they will spread out and up forming the hedge I had in mind when  I planted them.

I Look forward to the time when my magnolia tree is covered in buds like this one.   
Brazilian snapdragon
The cats were busy following me around whilst I wandered and photographed.  Not sure if they were going to pounce on each other or me.

Gorgeous Lillium from a vase of flowers, all the lillies were buds and opened one by one over a few days.

Sparkling winter morning

These photos were all taken over approximately six weeks.  The difference in the leaves at the top of this post to the ones below testimony to their gradual fading.

soon they will be gone completely and the branches will remain bare till the first shoots of green unfurl, heralding Spring.

Enjoy the cold


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